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I've given this quite a bit of thought, gone through several ridiculous options, but decided to settle for one of the more sensible ones (let's face it, as gorgeous as she is, I'm definitely no Karen Gillan).

To play me: Drew Barrymore

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While everyone else is at Gally, I finished my Amy Pond A Christmas Carol kissogram cosplay! :D

These pics were taken in a rush so I didn't really get chance to sort my hair extensions/hair out or paint my nails (or change the laces in my Dr Martens if you're being fussy), but they're better than my in progress ones lol.

Three more! )

I can't wait to debut this at Memorabilia in four and half weeks time, it's gonna be mega!!!
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Hey all, back from another hectic Hub weekend and it was amazing... as always!

I'm going to post up a report of some kind tonight 'cause I have to leave for work at 1pm and you just know it'll take me absolutely hours to do it properly. So, just for now, you can have some of my pics. They're the best part anyway.

This is my favourite picture by miles (although I really do like my Kai one, too).


The Hub 4 next then. I will be going. They announced Eve for it and that kinda sealed the deal. Oh, I fail at saving money, really I do!

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I said I might do this a month ago and kinda didn't, but then the other day I thought: "Sod it, I actually will after all!"

Have I mentioned recently that I ♥ these two? ;)

For Narnia! )

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[livejournal.com profile] blipintime's post has inspired me to do this, so here we go.

I present to you...


Please excuse me, my face and my hair in several of these! =P

Sam & Mark - Woolworths (RIP) Wolves - 9th Feb 2004
Didn't get a pic with Mark for some reason...

Not, I repeat, NOT dial-up friendly! )

Well, I wish I'd not done that. It's now 4:36am lmao!

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*Grabs cuppa* Mmmm, needed that... *flexes fingers and takes a deep breath*

OK and let's begin, right at the beginning shall we?! Hey, come on, you know I don't do things in halves!

As you know, we were immensely worried about the trains running on Friday, but you'll be pleased to know that everything went fine and we got there in time with not a hitch in sight. We found the hotel easily too, so checked in, threw our stuff down and went to get lunch and find the Park Inn. Easier said than done, I had to ring my dad for directions and shamefully when we finally found the place, we could see the sign for our own hotel through some trees. It was literally a stones throw away, but we'd gone round the long way and got completely lost in the process. Only us folks, only us.

When we finally got there we headed to the bar for the LJ meet-up, but of course, with us being the shy, retiring performing arts students we are (pah!) neither of us wanted to approach the table. Eventually I took the plunge and we chatted to a couple of the girls there before heading off to register and then back to the hotel and for some dinner.

We took a wander around the dealers room when we eventually returned to the Park Inn and one of the guys ended up convincing me to buy something lol. Seriously, don't ever mention that you don't have something when stood next to a dealer, they make you buy it! I just about managed to resist buying one of the massive Janto canvases, although I can't guarantee I'll be able to restrain myself at The Hub 3 if they're selling anything similar.

After that, we had the opening ceremony...

And I'll continue under this cut here! (I hope you like reading!) )

Click this cut if you just want the pics! )

For my other pics, hop on over to my facebook album here because I haven't got around to uploading them yet. I'd do it now, but seeing as I've been writing this entry for four hours, I'm going to skip it lol.

And that actually is it! =D

ETA: I just saw a picture and it reminded me of something Tom did in the final talk, he decided to record the answer phone message on his mobile and got us all to scream for it, God bless him! lol.

ETA again: OMG, how could I forget, in the final talk Gareth also announced rather abruptly, "I'm going for a piss!" and raced off stage. He got halfway across the room and after several shouts, turned around, came back, picked up his mic and took it with him. Unsurprisingly, a moment later we got shouts of, "Turn him down, turn him down!" I think everyone was a little unsure of whether he actually would turn it off/leave it somewhere or not lol


P.S. I'm leaving this one public for a while, so other peeps can read lol.


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