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I've spent so much time on this fic (seriously, it's taking over my life) that during the course of it, certain songs have stuck out in my mind that go along with it perfectly. So in the end I decided to just go for it and create a proper soundtrack.

The 14 tracks are laid out in such a way that they follow the plot/flow of the story itself and hopefully enhance it too ;)

Click below for the songs in true fanmix style!

You Look Great When I'm F**ked Up (The Soundtrack)

Because even the strongest friendships need testing sometimes...

Soundtrack to my life )

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I felt oddly inspired today and seeing as how over the past few months I've kept stumbling across songs that reminded me of the couple we love to hate, I went for it and finally put a fanmix together.

As with all of the music that appears in Skins, it's a tad random and doesn't stick to one paticular genre. I kid you not, we range from Nine Inch Nails to JoJo and all that goes in-between within these 15 tracks.

This was initially intended to be a fanmix from both of their POVs, but it's ended up a little more - well, a lot more - biased towards Michelle's angsty journey, with only a couple of songs that aren't from her POV.

And I'm going to shut up now, 'cause I'm no good at selling things. Just go and look...

+ + + )

Note to self: Never again...



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