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Forgot to post this up, 'cause I'm lame!

I signed up over at [livejournal.com profile] 100potter and claimed Rupert, so I have to somehow make 100 icons of him before 21st Oct lol.

Here's the first few! =)

Subject: Rupert Grint.
Number of Icons: 10/100
Batches Done: 010 love, 017 time, 020 child, 025 loneliness, 035 sport, 036 odd, 037 normal, 041 house colour, 043 positive, 044 negative + 3 variations.
Due Date: 21/10/09.


Find them HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

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Well, I feel like rubbish, so I spent the day making icons lol. Some of these are ones I randomly made ages ago and hadn't posted yet, too, so they vary a bit (in both style and quality).

[01-31] Harry Potter [GOF, Emma & Rupert].
[32-37] Narnia [PC & William Moseley].
[38-49] Torchwood [2x11; just Gwen].
[50-54] TV [Primeval, Britannia High].
[55-60] Lily Allen.


Find them HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

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[01-36] Prince Caspian.
[37-39] Lily Allen.
[40-43] Harry Potter.
[44-47] Skins.
+ 8 banners/headers.


Find them HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

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[01-22] Atonement.
[23-32] Britannia High [1x01].
[33-42] Penelope.
[43-62] Stardust.


Over here @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

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[01-29] Harry Potter [OOTP].
[30-66] Skins [Mostly 2x04].


Over HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

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[01-41] Skins [2x01].
[42-43] Requests.


Over HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

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[01-28] Harry Potter [OOTP].
[29-39] Skins Quotes [2x01].
[40-52] Skins [Series II].


Over HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] xx_starrynight.

*Warning, this post contains spoilers of the Skins variety and strong language.*

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Originally these were supposed to be a couple of icons for myself, but I got a tad carried away.

[01-62] Primeval [2x04 Connor & Abby].


Click me please! )

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[01-38] Harry Potter [OOTP promo pics & PS].
[39-58] The 10th Kingdom.
[59-71] Heroes [01x21].
[72-91] Doctor Who [03x12].
[92-97] Mitch Hewer.


I love it when you use my name... )

Sorry to anyone whose flist I spam, I know I certainly did it to mine... =\

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This was originally going to be a multi-fandom post but it was getting a tad large, so I thought I'd post these up seperate lol.

[01-08] Calendar pics.
[09-17] Series II trailer.
[18-25] Series II promo pics.
[26-75] Episode 6 [Maxxie & Anwar].


Is it February yet? )

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I've been asked about the colouring I use in my Skins icons a couple of times, so I thought I'd post a quick tutorial up =)

Icon Tutorial 05

We'll be going from to in 8 steps, using PSP9.

Onwards and upwards! )

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Mini icon post 'cause I'm running out of time before Christmas to post them lol.

[01-33] Harry Potter [Christmas at Grimmauld Place].


Holidays are coming! )


Icon time.

Nov. 18th, 2007 10:30 pm
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[001-055] Harry Potter [OOTP].
[056-140] Heroes [2x08].
[141-171] Skins [1x04].
[172-175] Milo Ventimiglia & Kristen Bell.


Snow is falling, all around me... )

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I got my DVD early, I couldn't resist lol.

[01-50] Harry Potter [OOTP].
[51-54] Ali Larter and Milo Ventimiglia.
+ 2 Harry Potter cast headers.


It's like Hogwarts wants us to fight back! )

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Feeling less than productive at the moment, but here's some icons anyway...

[01-10] Ali Larter.
[11-83] Skins [Unseen Skins, Sid].
[84-93] Harry Potter [Actors, Luna Lovegood].
[94-99] Hollyoaks [Craig/JP].
[01-03] Requests.


A voyage of wonder and discovery! )

I was planning on making another batch of Skins quotes icons soon (like the ones found here), so if any of you have any ideas of quotes you would like to see, feel free to throw your ideas at me.

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Icons with matching headers/FO banners.
[01-03] Harry Potter.
[04-25] Skins secret party.

[01-10] Harry Potter.
[11-30] Skins secret party.

[01-05] Skins actors/actresses.
[06-23] Skins [Cassie].
[24-36] Harry Potter [Various].


Digger party anyone? )

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[01-10] Skins quotes.
[11-31] Emma Watson.
[32-52] Rupert Grint.
[53-98] Narnia [mostly Peter].


Insert witty quote here... )

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This has been a long time coming...

[001-012] About A Boy.
[013-020] David Copperfield.
[021-030] Lindsay Lohan.
[031-037] William Moseley.
[038-109] Harry Potter [OotP, GoF & PoA].
+ 13 headers and friends only banners [Harry Potter & Skins].


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And on we go! )

X-posted as per usual.

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I had nothing better to do today, so here's some more icons =P

[01-07] William Moseley.
[08-37] Narnia.
[38-93] Harry Potter [CoS & OOTP].


To the pretties... )

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Just a mini OOTP post I threw together, a proper one will come soon. Spoilers are of course inevitable ;)

[41] Harry Potter and the OOTP [40 icons, 1 banner].


Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger? )



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