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Molly Weasley. I don't need to say why. She's fantabulous.

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This took for-bloody-ever to sort out, but it's here, my Rupert and Emma picspam! Enjoy it, pimp it, do whatever you like with it! ;) ♥

Warning: This picspam also contains couldn't-be-helped pics of Dan Radcliffe. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause... ;)

Starting where every story should, right at the beginning... )

Now, I must quickly say, HBP promo's now please? *gets on knees and begs*


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OK, firstly, this question is worded wrong... hello, LJ typo! ;) How amusing!

Now, onto the good stuff, I'll be honest here, my meetings with celebs don't usually end up in me looking like fucking Einstein. John Barrowman for example, no questions were asked, however I did come out with the classic line, "Oh, they can probably just smell my dog!" when his dogs jumped at me. That is pretty much all I said aside from hello, quite embarrassing really, although I'm sure we left quite a lasting impression on him.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with the question, my favourite "super star" would have to be Rupert Grint (of course) and as for what I would ask him/do to him (it's your own fault LJ, it's your own fault), the answer would have to be not much. I'd like to say I'd make the most of it, but I know I wouldn't. I'd ask how he is, if he's having a good day, maybe ask about the ice-cream van, stammer an awful lot and blush ferociously the entire time. Ultimately, it wouldn't matter, getting to see him in the flesh and getting a picture taken with him would be enough for me ♥.

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Kind of obvious really, but my favourite celeb at the moment has to be Rupert Grint. It has been for several years of course and I doubt very much that's going to change anytime soon.

As for who I'd never like to see again, that would have to be Mandy Moore. Thanks to a friend of mine I've despised the girl for years.

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So it's a rather special day today...




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