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[livejournal.com profile] blipintime's post has inspired me to do this, so here we go.

I present to you...


Please excuse me, my face and my hair in several of these! =P

Sam & Mark - Woolworths (RIP) Wolves - 9th Feb 2004
Didn't get a pic with Mark for some reason...

Not, I repeat, NOT dial-up friendly! )

Well, I wish I'd not done that. It's now 4:36am lmao!

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Well, this one might take a while to answer and that sounds like I'm boasting, but I'm really not... lol.

My list is as follows:
Colin Firth
Jessica Biel
John Barrowman (x2)
James and Oliver Phelps
Cheryl Cole (x2)
Kimberly Walsh
Sarah Harding
Fearne Cotton
Sam and Mark (too many times to count)
Matt Willis
James Bourne (x2)
Harry Judd
Dougie Poynter
Nicholas Hoult
Mitch Hewer
Joe Dempsie
Mike Bailey
Kaya Scodelario
Daniel Kaluuya
Anthony Quinnlan
Ashley Taylor Dawson
Shane Lynch
Jamie Davis (x2)
Lee Ryan
Alistair Griffin (x2)
Kenzie from Blazin' Squad and Friday Hill (x2)
Son of Dork
V (too many times to count... again)
Freefaller (same as above lol)

I've also been within touching distance of Elizabeth II (that's the Queen btw lmao), Daniel Radcliffe and Dannii Minogue, but I don't really count them lol.

No, you can't tell I was a craven at all, can you...? *blushes*

My stories could take all day, so I won't share those, although there are a few memorable ones I have to say: my friend running along the street with a suitcase screaming, "IT'S HARLEY FROM FUCKING FOOTBALLERS WIVES!" being one of them. I think poor Jamie had a heart attack actually and then we ran into him on Oxford Street on another occasion and two of the girls chased him into a random side-street to get another pic with him.

As for randomly bumping into celebs I almost walked straight into Aggie of Kim and Aggie in Kings Cross underground station one day, got caught by Trinny and Susannah's cameras in Carnaby Street while they were filming, wandered past Reggie Yates filming outside one of the theatre's, sat opposite Karl from Neighbours reading a book and got squished up against Kim from Pop Idol 2 on the underground on two separate occasions and then got accused of stalking Sam and Mark when we ran into them in Hamleys (sure, we saw them several times a month, but that day was a coincidence). My mate also reckons we walked past Brian Austin Green outside a hotel in New York, but I didn't see him, so that doesn't count.

A few of my better pics are under the cut that follows this sentence... ;) lol.

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Of course, I'll be able to add to this list next week, you could have put this up next Monday LJ! =P

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OK, firstly, this question is worded wrong... hello, LJ typo! ;) How amusing!

Now, onto the good stuff, I'll be honest here, my meetings with celebs don't usually end up in me looking like fucking Einstein. John Barrowman for example, no questions were asked, however I did come out with the classic line, "Oh, they can probably just smell my dog!" when his dogs jumped at me. That is pretty much all I said aside from hello, quite embarrassing really, although I'm sure we left quite a lasting impression on him.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with the question, my favourite "super star" would have to be Rupert Grint (of course) and as for what I would ask him/do to him (it's your own fault LJ, it's your own fault), the answer would have to be not much. I'd like to say I'd make the most of it, but I know I wouldn't. I'd ask how he is, if he's having a good day, maybe ask about the ice-cream van, stammer an awful lot and blush ferociously the entire time. Ultimately, it wouldn't matter, getting to see him in the flesh and getting a picture taken with him would be enough for me ♥.



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